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6336 E. Blanchard Rd. Shepherd, Michigan

 Sunday 10:30am
(Pre-service prayer at 9:45am)

Wednesday 7:00pm

(989) 773-1499

Pastor Chuck & Vicki
Swarthout's Corner

Pastor Chuck's
Welcome Message

 Need help?  We can offer you almost forty years  of combined ministry experience.  If we haven't already been where you are, and gone through what you are going through, we know someone who has!  Let us help you find your destiny!

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Latest News

We have taken a step of Faith and purchased the church building. It is ours! Actually God's! 


Verses for the Week!

"May your priests be clothed with righteousness; may your saints sing for joy.”

Psalm 112:9 NIV

Destiny Christian Ministries Ministerial Opportunities

Do you have a call of God on your life to minister and are unsure what to do about it?  DCM has the spiritual and legal authority as well as a divine call to help people like you enter and succeed in the ministry.

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Your Destiny!

Do You Know What Yours Is?

God Knows!

He Has It All Planned Out For You.

Let Us Help You Find It.

Faith - in the Lord Jesus Christ

Action - in word and deed

Motivated - by a desire to see God glorified

Inspired - by the knowledge of the Scriptures

Loving - every person as God does

Yielded - continually to the Holy Spirit

Welcome To Destiny Christian Ministries

Our goal is to help you discover and walk the very special destiny that God has planned for you.  The Bible says “It is God himself who has made us what we are and given us new lives from Christ Jesus; and long ages ago he planned that we should spend these lives in helping others.”
  Eph 2:10 TLB

Upcoming Events

Lot of work to do now that we have purchased the church building. Check with Ministry of Helps Leader Rev. Eric Stadtfeld for information on what you can do at

Need discipleship? Contact Rev. David Tremain @ for information. New information for young disciples coming soon!

Build - yourself up in Christ!
(read the Bible and Pray)

Build - each other up!
(compliment each other, help {edify} each other)

Build - God's house!
Picture of the new platform in the front of the church.
(the farmer builds the barn before the harvest)

These really must be done in this order for God's plan to be complete in your life!

It will start out as a single drop, then a downpour.
You can't stop God's rain!


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We have a vision of seeing one thousand new believers together, in one place, praising the Lord with great joy and fervency!  We know it's going to take a true revival.  Below is your direct link to ground zero for Michigan Revival!  Click on the logo!


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